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March 22, 2009 at 6:56 pm (Uncategorized), version 2009 is now public. New and returning users will notice a marked improvement in terms of loading, usability (i.e. a much easier to use and navigate layout) and updated visuals.

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Current Political Issues: The Economy … An Opinion

March 22, 2009 at 6:50 pm (Rants)

First and foremost this is simply my opinion.

The current climate of politics is quite upsetting. From my point of view Congress is an organization of finger-pointing babies who can only get things done half-assed; and yes I am complaining about Republicans and Democrats alike (though I will admit my distaste for Republicans in congress running higher .. what did you expect I am liberal leaning Independent).

The only branch of Government I have any respect for at the moment is the Executive branch (Judicial doesn’t count because they have not been in the news I have read recently) … the Obama Administration has only been in power for two months but I do respect the fact that they are the ones trying to accomplish something, anything. True the news has been negative of late, but when you inherit the situation that they have its not like its going to turn around over night. No, I am not going to lay blame down on past administrations — its in the past, its done, now we have to deal with it and yet my rant here is that Congress is impotent in its ability to help and is actually making things worse — seriously these people need to be suspended and forced to learn team work and compromise before they are let back into the capital.

Oh and one last opinion: the argument “Oh, but future generations will have to pay for it.” — is crap! Future generations will always have to pay for the mistakes we make, but I’d rather my son or daughter (if my wife and I ever have children) have the ability to grow up in a sound economy. Sure their taxes will probably be higher than mine, but at least they will have had the opportunity to go to school or train for the profession of their choice; that they won’t be limited in their choices because we decided that it would cost them too much in the future to have the oppourtinity now; that they will have access to the education and training that they want and not just choose from a limited list that is available to them because no one wants to pay a little bit more for their education today.

The point — I would rather err on the side of spending more to keep the machine running (i.e. the economy) and advancing it rather than slowing it down to let those who have money horde it and let those who don’t have it lose everything … its a fact that if people (other businesses, organizations, the GOVERNMENT, etc.)  are spending money then business is making money and if business is making money then business is expanding and if business is expanding then business is employing more people and if more people are employed then more people are purchasing products and services. ** Cue Loony Tunes Acme Theme ** — Get the idea?

## End Rant ##

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Back to Blogging …

March 12, 2009 at 1:35 am (General)

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry. A little over 2 years in fact; but this time I intend to make regular updates. Why is this time different? Because this time I want to use this platform to work on my writing skills. This time I want to collect and present my thoughts on various subject matter.

Now I can’t promise that every post will be clever, coherent, interesting, or “clean” – but I can try and as with anything … “practice makes perfect.”

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